The Grinch – Prepare to welcome the Christmas season peacefully

The 2018 Christmas season seems to come sooner than the years before Illumination and Universal Pictures officially launched The Grinch. This is a very interesting and interesting animated movie.

The Grinch is currently rated 94% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, which confirms that the quality of the movie is excellent. At Touch Cinema today, the first ever feature film on this scruffy green guy and 95% of the audience praised the film after walking out of the theater.

An interesting movie script

The Grinch is the story of Grinch green and lonely and lonely on top of the mountain with Max – loyal dog, also his best friend. Grinch does not like Christmas, so excited about the bustling Whoville town that is preparing for the holiday. But Grinch had no intention of destroying the Christmas of the Whoville, until his peaceful days were threatened by a giant Christmas tree, three times the size of normal. So Grinch was determined to prepare a great gift for the whole town of Whoville.

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If the footage in the trailer and the content that was introduced to The Grinch earlier showed that a guy is green, just “bad guy” is difficult to follow the movie will have a different view on the character. He scoffs not because his nature is the same, but vice versa because he feels lonely and lost in this life. He does evil things just because he wants to make up for his past shortcomings.

The Grinch is staged in the narrative style, the third character’s lead in the film has shown quite well the role of narrator. Help the audience understand more about The Grinch’s lonely life and the secrets hidden behind that loneliness.

Grinch’s story brings the audience to many different levels of emotions in life. Humorous jokes, powerful and deep messages are subtly combined to talk about the values of life, making the audience unable to take their eyes off the screen because they are anxious to ignore the autobiographical details. lead of the film. And once again, the fans of the animated film have paid tribute to the excellence of Illumination.

In addition, Illumination offers the audience a very special and meaningful gift in the first minutes of the film. So you should go to the cinema a little earlier to not miss this fascinating work offline.

Actors and Actresses

The Grinch is currently in Vietnam with subtitles and voices. We watch the subtitles and give the stunt team positive praise for the voiceover.


The simple dialogue between characters is translated literally, conveying the director’s intentions, each voice is pressed to hit the volume and bring the audience to the real feelings only with voice.

Also some comments from the audience when watching the dub, it is the voice actors of the actors have not really impressed. Many voices are overwritten by music, along with rapid speed reading. So it makes sense to keep watching the movie.

Audio, images and effects

Like many other Hollywood blockbusters, the movie The Grinch is highly regarded for its visuals. The characters are meticulously polished and subtle in every detail, along with the dramatic, dramatic backdrop of the Christmas season on the way to Whoville. . The characters in the movie are beautifully crafted, each of the hairs of the character gives the audience the impression that it is the real picture, not the graphics by the graphics. In addition, slow-motion movies are also handled very well when describing the changing face of a character in each shot.

The music in the film will be the familiar songs are usually heard every Christmas. The audience will not control themselves but sway to the music, especially in the time of newcomers, new homes. Besides the immortal songs are new music tunes written for the film, emotional and properly integrated with the film.

The Grinch will be a movie suitable for both children and mature audiences. Let’s team up and come to us to enjoy this attractive movie.

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