Is Venom’s hardcore fan recognized 10 interesting details that are embedded in the movie?

Like many other superhero movies, “Venom” contains many interesting details associated with the original comic as well as suggesting the following film.

Venom is one of the funniest cases when critics and audiences disagree. While scores on the Rotten Tomatoes are low, the film raids the box office in many countries. Fans claim that director Ruben Fleischer did a great job of bringing his anti-hero back to the big screen with more details on the original.

1. Battle between Venom and Riot


At the end of the film, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and Venom are determined to stop the plan to bring Symbiote to the earthquake of Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) and Riot. Against the enemy too strong, Venom can only hold up a moment before Riot ripped off the head of the “parasite” out of Eddie. This scene reminds fans of the cover of Venom: Carnage Unleashed # 3 (1995). However, the difference is that Venom’s enemies were Carnage at that time.

2. The “addict” of genuine chocolate


Throughout the film, Venom does not hide hobbies … take off and eat the head. However, Eddie has made friends with “the same house” must follow a strict diet rules when only “flesh” bad guys only. Instead, the parasite claims to buy a lot of chocolate for dinner. In fact, it is imperative for Symbiote to use Phenethylamine in the brain to survive. Fortunately, this substance is also abundant in chocolate, so whenever Eddie and Venom’s together can be Valentine.

3. The appearance of She-Venom


After taking Venom’s scanner out of the body, Eddie is captured by the Life Foudation’s guard. At this time, the monster decided to stay in the body of Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) to save the guy. In the comic, Eddie’s ex-wife was also “Vengeance” with Venom with the nickname She-Venom.

4. Kiss of Venom


During the rescue of Eddie, She-Vom gave him a kiss in both literally and shadow. Later, she said that was the idea of the Symbiote. Audiences can understand that because she still loves Eddie, Venom – which is capable of exposing the deepest desires – “seduce”. Hardcore fans, however, easily recognize the monster who is borrowing from Anne Weying to “kiss” Eddie. In the comics, Venom and the guy also have … together.

5. Guest role of Stan Lee


Like other Marvel comic adaptations, Stan Lee plays a rather humorous guest role in Venom. While walking the dog, he can talk to both Venom and Eddie Brock. This detail led the MCU (Marvel Universe Universe) hypothesis to say that the legendary author was Watcher, an entity capable of observing everything in the universe.

Another interesting point is that Venom immediately asked for the old man’s identity. Because, despite creating many of Marvel’s celebrities, Stan Lee has nothing to do with the Symbiote race.

6. Remind the authors of the brand


In the 1980s, Randy Schueller created Spider-Man with a black outfit similar to the Fantastic Four. The idea was later bought for $ 220 by Marvel and published in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars (1984).

Since then, two authors David Michelinie and Todd Mcfarlane have created the Venom character in The Amazing Spider-Man # 299 (1988). Then, in the 1990s, the character had his own story by painter Ron Lim pen.

The authors were grateful for the film when the Eddie Brock building was named Schueller Buldings, Anne Weying worked for Michelinie And Mcfarlane Law Firm and Ron Lim was the name of a shop on the street of San Francisco.

7. The past in New York


In the movie, Eddie Brock mentioned the scandal in New York that caused him to lose his job and move to live in San Francisco. Many fans will soon realize that this event is related to Venom’s most famous foe Spider-Man. Eddie Brock, working for the Daily Globe, hated Peter Parker of the Daily Bugle.

After collaborating with Venom, the guy constantly has clashes with Spider-Man. In the end, Eddie lost his job because of a scandal that led to the “death” to live in San Francisco.

Another noteworthy detail is that after moving to a new home, Venom became a “guardian angel” of the city. He was also involved in a group of homeless people because of the collapse of high-rise buildings. This connection is also shown in the movie with the character Maria (Melora Walters).

8. Symbols on Venom’s chest


The biggest difference between Venom and the original comic book is the giant white spider symbol between the breasts. However, this is a deliberate change, because the image is derived from the time Venom possessed Spider-Man body. In the movie, Spider does not appear so the sign is only the blood sugar as lightning only.

9. Carnage in post-credit


In the post-credit section, Eddie Brock goes to prison in San Quentin to interview a serial killer played by Woody Harrelson. The fans immediately recognize this as Cletus Kasady – the famous host of Carnage.

In the original, the two characters met when they were detained in the same cell. Upon arriving to rescue Eddie, Venom accidentally drops a piece of the cell into Kasady’s blood and creates a Carnage. In the movie universe of Sony, the origin of this evil man may be completely different because Carnage is more likely to have come to Earth before his fellow beings.

10. The boss’s son


In the opening scene, Life Foundation’s space cruise ship suddenly explodes as it falls to the ground, causing all crew to die. The only survivor named Jameson. This is the son of the famous J. Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man series.

This character has left many impressions in the hearts of fans with J. K. Simmons in Sam Raimi’s series. In addition, the astronaut John Jameson (Daniel Gillies) also appeared in Spider-Man 2 (2004) when he was married to Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst).

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