Review of the film “Oan’s Message”: very, flip the tip

O Still Souls (I Still See You) was adapted from the novel Break My Heart One Thousand Times. The film leads the audience from feeling fear, anxiety to suspense, dramatic when the circumstances are gradually overturned, while the smallest detail is also brought to excitement. to the audience.


After the nuclear disaster nearly 10 years, the lives of people in the disaster area has gradually gone into the old trajectory. The fence was erected to avoid curious people inside the disaster area, but the lives of the people there were not the same as before the disaster, they repeatedly saw the ghosts of those who had died. die in disaster, these souls repeated the same actions, from day to day. Even in the school there is a class for students who want to study this strange phenomenon. Ronnie (Bella Thorne) is a normal girl like everyone else, but as she gets closer to her birthday, Ronnie gets to see more strange phenomena, starting with her lost father reappearing in the form of a Ghosts, bright morning newspaper always read, while in the bathroom there is a young ghost with strange actions.

The message of Oan Soul is extremely elaborate content, small details in it can also be something that will make you cry at the end of the film. It’s natural that Ronnie always finds someone scratching the snow, the death of the principal or the gun in the cabinet you study along with dozens of other incidents will be the key and also the string closely linked many details in film together into a logical and complete story. It’s hard for you to fall asleep or feel depressed, because with this movie every single minute, every single word in a character’s dialogue is very important and fascinating to the point.

Ronnie’s character (Bella Thorne) appears on the screen very youthful, dynamic, but in her heart is still tormented by strange phenomena, the dream is always reminded of a remote location strange. To be honest, if this role was assigned to someone other than Bella Thorne, it would have been impossible for her character and mental status to be so well-portrayed. Not only Ronnie but many other characters that you pay attention to, sometimes just feel the love, just sin for them. It can be a father who suffers because of the thought of his daughter’s death, which may be a boy who does not understand why he can not see his father’s ghost for a long time. . All of the details were superbly performed by the actors, and under the hands of the director, a great movie was in theaters, mesmerizing the audience by the many swirling details, like that. not so.

For those who love horror, the lyrics of Oan Soul also meet them with at least two screens threatening the heart of the film. Then there are the goods of the story of gay need, thrill, even more emotional. The message of Oan Soul is definitely the movie you have to watch this week, what’s more wonderful to watch a movie with attractive content, beautiful techniques, heart tones after hours of stressful work. Yes.

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