Review of Final Score – Dave Bautista’s shine

After the end of the summer season, Vietnamese theaters received some of the lesser-known films in which the Final Score was a central action film starring Dave Bautista, a rising star from wrestling and Pierce Brosnan (one spy 007).

The review of the film Final Score only evaluation without disclosing the content of the film so you can rest assured reading review and cinema enjoy the full movie.

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Dave Bautista is best known for his role as a wrestler who has played a number of roles in the movie but failed. In the near future, Dave Bautista emerged from the role of Drax in Guardian Of The Galaxy. With Drax in GOTG being a muscular but slightly crazy guy, Mike Knox in the Final Score is a hero with intelligence and bravery, confronting the terrorist group alone.

About the film, the film tells the story of revenge within the Russian mafia gangs, but the impact of thousands of spectators in the stadium. The film event took place largely at Boleyn Ground Stadium where the semi-finals of the European Cup between the two teams West Ham United and Dynamo FCC, Arkady (Ray Stevenson). The head of the revolution in the state of Sukovia in Russia has blocked the stadium in search of his betraying brother, Pierit Brosnan, who is hiding somewhere in the yard.

Before that scene, Mike Knox (Dave Bautista) and his grandson Danni (Lara Peake) two of the audience in the stadium face the dangerous gang of Arkady. From here, our hero – Mike had to stop Arkady before he found Dimitri, to secure the 35,000 spectators at the stadium and the people of Russia.

The special feature of the film is that the duration of the film is real time, ie the duration of the movie is about 100 minutes, it is also the real time of the event on the field.

Dave Bautista did a great job with his acting, though he was eaten by terrorists. Throughout the film, character Mike Knox was “chipped head forehead” but thanks to the “buffalo” should remain and “flip” successfully. However, Dave Bautista alone can not take full advantage of the film’s content.

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The movie intentionally inserts some humor but it really can not make the audience laugh. The most blamable thing in the script is that terrorists have a superficial purpose and for that purpose it is not worth locking down a stadium and making such a ridiculous hunt. Pierce Brosnan is a spooky 007 spy was expected but the film appears slightly faded to disappoint the viewer.

It’s an action movie but the action scenes are not really good and many scenes use virtual tricks. In return for the technique, the sound is good and real. Sitting in the theater listening to the explosion or when Mike ran in the stadium sound engine sounds very real and true.

In short, the Final Score is a casual action movie, without any highlights and not appreciated. However, at the time outside The Nun looks promising but the type of horror movie market in early September only Final Final is really worth watching. If you enjoy entertaining activities, let’s have fun with your friends and relatives.

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