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Dwayne Johnson becomes a hero again. And again, he saved the movie thanks to his superior acting.

Skyscraper has a new plot, which is similar to most of the heroes Dwayne Johnson / The Rock has ever seen. Will Sawyer is an outstanding agent on the rise. However, on a mission, he suddenly crashed, lost his left leg. Will had to quit his job at a healthy age but in return, this injury helped him meet his current wife – the beautiful military surgeon Sarah. Ten years after the accident, Will Sawyer was happy and happy with a two-in-a-row wife who was a security specialist for high-rise buildings.

Will’s life was a big step when he was introduced to security work for the world’s tallest jade tower – 240 floors between Hong Kong. Its owner, billionaire Zhao, transforms the building into an inviolable, state-of-the-art system with luxuriant amenities. Will accepted the job and immediately his whole family was devoted to a floor in the skyscraper. However, the bad luck for Will, the first day of the job is also the time when the building was attacked. Gangs of dangerous criminals who want to steal the secret Zhao are saving have tried to set fire to the building. His wife and children were strangled at the hundred-and-a-hundred-year-old burning torch.

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With content extremely simple and easy to guess, from beginning to end, the audience almost did not take time to deduce for the situation. Everything is exposed very easily on the screen. All that the spectators need is to watch 102 minutes The Rock show full of fire.

Having collaborated with Central Intelligence, both Dwayne Johnson and script writer and director Rawson Marshall Thurber were all too familiar with each other’s work. Together, they create super action products label. Compared to Die Hard, Skyscraper is clearly a much less well-known plot, but modern tricks have made the action movie more glamorous than ever. Sure, the war in the Tower of the Jade is not for those who are afraid of height or weakness.

Skyscraper sketch is meticulously finely crafted, and the filmmakers make it to the top, making the perfect Jade Tower to show off the action. A lot of scenes challenge the audience nerves. Although the Skyscraper gives a series of laws to the “trash”, no one can complain about the gravity and aggressiveness spread throughout the film. Most impressive are the impressive performances of The Rock with skyscrapers. Viewers are constantly startled by such heartbreaking footage.

However, Skyscraper is still suitable for young audiences. Although there are many shooting scenes show the fierce fight between criminals and Hong Kong police but the film is not bloody, shocking. As a family-oriented film, the producers have been forced to shoot so many fierce gunfights so parents and children can enjoy the new film together.

In recent years, the selection of The Rock up and down quite erratic. The audience is excited with the screenplay in the movie or Central Intelligence is not happy with Baywatch bland. Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle is bored because Davis Okoye is nothing new. However, what is undeniable in The Rock is the immense charm of the screen. Although not a real Hollywood star, but any character through his hand is easy to be loved and loved by the audience. The former special guest wholeheartedly because Will Sawyer family is no exception. The eyes of pain and determination when performing dance at the height of ninety floors to rescue the family is very genuine illustrations. A swallow can not make the spring, but The Rock really makes Skyscraper worth watching. In return for another action star, the film’s sales may not reach $ 65 million in the first week at the global cinema.

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Unfortunately, although The Rock saved the movie, it was because of his focus on the film that the neglected characters remained. From the standpoint to the villain, most of them have nothing to accumulate memory of the audience after more than a hundred minutes of film. Which tower must be Baywatch. Zac Efron & Alexandra Daddario did not own the lineup. The only person who can compete with “The Rock” is Neve Campbell, Sarah’s wife.

Neve – the muse of Sidney Prescott in the horror thriller Scream – re-emerges with a strong character no less than the legendary character that made her name in Hollywood. She plays the heroine – a smart military doctor, skillful and takes on the most important role.

At the age of 45, Neve no longer retain the beauty of the old fire, in return, salty beauty that just the mother of two children on film. Although there was not much show ground, the interactions between Sarah and her children as well as her husband Will really shook the audience. She is a rare character besides Dwayne Johnson who owns the exploited character “to the place”.

The Chinese invasion of the Hollywood film market has left a lot of pity in the Skyscraper. Hong Kong is used a lot to make the audience uncomfortable. On the positive side, this will make the film a lot of money from the billionaire market.

Although there is much controversy in the plot but can not deny the excellent action of the film, With a budget of $ 125 million, the Skyscraper can only be considered blockbuster class B in Hollywood but still worth the movie fans. and The Rock in theaters.

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