Review “The Nun” – not for the weak heart

Continuing the thrilling cinematic universe of The Conjuring and Annabelle, The Nun rejects the Martian Martial Arts to keep audiences on their way to discovering the past of evil Valak. The Nun movie review does not reveal the movie content so you can safely read the review and go to the cinema to enjoy the full movie.


Following in chronological order, The Nun are the first events in the horror film universe The Conjuring, before all four episodes have been released. After several appearances in the previous series as the evil villain of all events, to The Nun, newcomers begin to understand the origins of evil Valak.

The Nun tells the story of a Romanian convent in 1952, before the events of “The Conjuring” and “Annabelle”. In the film, a priest and a mysterious pastor are sent by the Vatican to a monastery to investigate the death of a young nun. The deeper the investigation, the more they discover the terrible truth. From here, the scary story begins when both of them face the vicious resentment of a devil girl.


Talk about the story enough to see how good and interesting film content, and want to know the details and details, you go to the cinema to enjoy the thrill of watching the house.

Worthy of the success of the previous three, The Nun has many factors that cause the audience to meet from the beginning to the end. These factors are not as dense as other horror films, instead each situation is very good and can not help but heart you. Perhaps because of the shadow of the previous movie through the large should be compared to the threat factor, The Nun is more dense but no breakthrough compared to the previous film.

The film has a dark gray tinge that creates a gloomy atmosphere that envelops the audience as it sinks into ancient monastery spaces of centuries past. The scare is spread evenly and from start to finish, combining both sound and jumb scare effects “enough dollars” for moviegoers to enjoy this type of movie. Especially the surprise scene from the last minute movie is definitely the most impressive.


The familiar cast that appears in this movie also contributes to the audience. The focus is on the character Valak of Bonnie Aarons from the previous film and character The Crooked Man when Valak took shape by Javier Botet.

Practitioner Irene played by Taissa Farmiga is quite good for the viewer. The 24-year-old has a bright face with a clear nail on her face. All in opposition to the devil Valak always waiting to invade her body.

In general, director James Wan chose the cast well, the main characters and the other characters are quite rounded.

The film premieres in early September, with no major rival will surely stand theaters and bring in high revenue.

In short, The Nun is a perfect sequel to the movie universe The Conjuring. The movie is not for those who are weak, should go see with your lover or friend.

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