Smallfoot: Smile for a Child, Adult Lesson

Smallfoot is full of elements that can appeal to every child. But not stop there, the film also brings us – especially those who have grown up many expensive lessons not possible. Not only the joy of laughter, this is also animated film contains many layers of deep human meaning.


If you are interested in the field of film, you’ll realize that right from the first image that the manufacturer revealed, Smallfoot (The Small, Where Are You?) Made the public extremely anxious. Waiting for the circumstances are extremely lovely and funny. Along with that, novelty content as the audience is not curious about the evolution and the end of the work.

In particular, the film begins when, incidentally, the Migo guy of the giant snow tribe meets a real-human. Immediately, Migo quickly ran to inform the villagers. But contrary to the excitement of Migo, ironically no one believes him. Sadly, Migo was later dismissed by the chieftain and he was only allowed to admit that he was wrong, that it was only a “product” of imagination.

In the midst of boredom, Migo is led and acquainted with a secret group – the union of people who believe in the existence of human beings (or “little feet” in their conception). It was with the support of the members, for the first time in their lives, that Migo bravely crossed the dense cloud that had covered the foothills for so long to seek truth and enlighten all villagers.

Migo’s adventurous journey to explore the new world, but equally exciting, and big friends from the start!

First of all it must be confirmed that Smallfoot is a good animated film, which makes all audiences happy and satisfied.

The first plus is the film circuit is sure, pure, just keep the logic is also very easy to understand with the children.

Followed by shapely character, exciting circumstances, humor and although the film is the main color is snow white but with the talent, ingenuity, sophistication of the filmmakers made each frame appear. Up still very glittering, brilliant and attractive. Remarkably voiced version with many super cute lyrics can make the audience chatter laugh at any time.

The sound of music is also the strength of Smallfoot. It is true that not only children but even parents are hard-pressed to find such lively, chubby and colorful songs. Duy only a small pity that the film version of Vietnamese music is not clear, even some segments of music overwhelm the lyrics.

Do not worry, though, as it is said to be “a little unfortunate”, so it can not interfere with the overall quality and more importantly – it can not diminish the value the work brings to the viewer. . After all, not only the joy of laughter, the small feet, Where are you? Also animated film contains many layers of profound human meaning.

The message of the film is to encourage people to always have their own opinions, never to think of themselves being led, taken by anyone. To be so, the condition is that we must have knowledge. Do not be afraid to ask what you do not know, do not be afraid to discover new things. Knowledge will be more brave so that each person can raise his “wings”, breaking the limits and allow himself to enjoy the most wonderful things.

Along with the necessary condition – knowledge, do not ever forget that enough condition is the kindness. A guy famous for his love for rare animals now because of fame, money that is willing to do the lies to “sentence views”. A leader who is vigilant enough to perceive things as things, but because thought has been passed down from the past, naturally believes that lying is the best way to protect the whole village … Knowledge is power and if not Used properly, how will it lead to bad outcomes?

The question is not too difficult to answer right? And if you want to know the story of Migo and his friends – especially the little guy will end up, then quickly buy tickets to enjoy Smallfoot offline. This great movie is one of the most worthy nominations for all audiences when decided to go to the cinema in early October.

Smallfoot (Where You Are?) Is currently playing in theaters nationwide on September 28, 2018!

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